Nine Things to Consider When You are Moving Home

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You’ve searched for it. You went and checked it out. You liked it and made a deal. And today is the big day! The move! Having a great time thinking about the big move? Very excited packing up your things? Said goodbyes and made peace? Well now we have to think of the things you should never forget when you are moving to a new house.

1. Concentration

Eyes on the prize, so they say, the worst thing to forget when you are relocating is forgetting your calm self and replacing it with a stressful mover. You break more stuff when you are stressed. Chill. You can get over it.

2. Packaging

Packaging your items takes time, aside from that the move should never be rushed. We don’t want to break those precious glass and lamps that you have. The best way to take care of your beloved designer lighting and furniture will be to ask help from movers and schedule a date, depending on my work and time and I’ll be able to finish packing in 8 days instead of finishing it in 8 weeks. So, you should consider it like so too.

3. Inventory

Taking a book and listing all the items you have will make sure that your move is secured. Nothing will get lost in the way and that removes a lot of stress knowing what you have packed and so on.

4. Review and take notes

Keep in mind that moving is not a one-time thing. Remember to take a list of notable parties like the utilities or lawyers and deal with it accordingly. Review the moving plans once more to make sure the move will go without a hitch.

5. Clean

When moving it is customary to do a deep clean on the house that you are moving from. Do a deep clean and best to give it a new paint job. An activity would soothe you and pull you away from stress.

6. Plan deeper

Planning helps a lot when you are moving. This time take notes on the measurements of the furniture that will move with you. Like for example the refrigerator. It’s a good plan to buy less groceries and start defrosting it so that it will not spill any water that might affect other furniture.

7. Play Tetris with your furniture

Having to utilize all the moving vans space would cut costs more than you think. Cramming them together would risk breaking items. By the end of the move you will be left with broken glass and a banged-up cabinet.

8.  Labeling

Breakable goes in this box. Not so breakable goes here. This item should be this side up. Things that need special care and things that do not need labels so that the people helping you move would know what to do with them. At this point you should be all on making sure the plan goes without valuables being destroyed halfway through the end.

9. Leave contact information

You did a deep clean, you made your old house as good as new, and now, you want to make sure that everything is right along the way for you and the people that will come after you. So, leave a contact and have them tell you what they think of your beautiful house. That will make the moves worth the deed.